Fruit Vinegars, which is your choice?

This is something new, that I have started doing, making my own fruit vinegars,

The above picture shows l-r blackberry, blueberry and sour cherry vinegars

I have also made a raspberry and chilli one as well.

There are only a couple of steps and you will need:

Fruit of your choice, I find berries when in season are brilliant
Vinegar, I would recommend Aspalls as there is a wide range of choice and a Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine suits most fruits
Small Kilner jar
Granulated Sugar

This first step is to me the most important.
Select the fruit, for your vinegar, wash, top and tail any fruit, don’t cut up as this will not help the flavour.

Top the fruit up with the vinegar of choice and let it steep for up to 2 2.5 weeks so that the flavour imparts into the vinegar.

When your ready, strain the flavoured vinegar into a bowl and weigh, then add the same amount of granulated sugar and add to a pan, boil for a maximum of 10 minutes, then decant into a sterilised jar and let it cool.

And hey presto! Fruit vinegar has been made.

They can be added to soups to add a sharpness and a tartness to it.

I think just to be different to add them to fish and chips, would add a unique flavour and be the talk of everyone.

These fruit vinegars can be done throughout the year and made seasonally, depending on what fruit is available at the time.

I don’t think I would use banana though, I don’t think this would work, unlike soft fruit, which adds to the fullness of flavour

I hope to make some other vinegars during the year as well, any suggestions?

A Summer Salad with a twist

The above is my take on a Greek Feta Salad, the ingredients are listed below:

Feta cheese
Sweet potato and Butternut squash mix, which has already been cubed and cooked
Tomatoes, preferably cherry, using both red and yellow varieties, washed and cut into quarters
Raspberries, washed and added
Donut peaches, washed and cut up into small pieces
Twist of Black pepper

Let me see, where do I start?

Well the Feta is cut up into small pieces and placed into a bowl, then the sweet potato and butternut squash is added, this can be leftovers from the previous day,
The tomatoes are added next, to add to the vibrancy and colour of the dish.

Then the fruit, just to sweeten the dish up, any fruit can be used, including strawberries, blackberries, apples. The choice is endless through the year

And if you thought the dish couldn’t get any more delicious, a twist of black pepper to give it a bit of a punch and to take away some of the sweetness

The picture shows that I have layered this, although it can be mixed together so that all the flavours say ‘hello’ to each other.

It looks as though, these flavours shouldn’t work, but having trialled it, surprisingly it does and there may be more to come.

Smice or Smoghurt?

This lovely mix is made up of the following:

2 banana’s which are sliced
1 handful of blackberries, washed and sliced in 2
1 apple, washed, cored and cut in to pieces
1 pear, washed, cored and also cut into pieces
1 koko yoghurt either the coconut and lemon or the peach and papaya
1 cup of goats milk

Put all these ingredients into a blender and you get a lovely wonderful mix of textures and colours. Its very refreshing.

However, it is a lot thicker than a smoothie and has the texture of ice cream, although isn’t frozen, hence the smice or smoghurt, the flavours can be seasonal, although I’ve found the flavours intensify if you use, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries to name a few.

In the next few weeks I’ll be using seasonal cherries just to contrast the flavour combinations.

There is a difference between a smice and a smoghurt, a smoghurt you drink and a smice, you have to use a spoon. Both of which are delicious to taste and make

This is something that has been tried and tested with surprising results, it has the feel good factor about it, there is no after taste, just a refreshing and delicious taste where you want more

Multiple Allergies

Do you suffer with bloating, or have been told you have IBS. My doctor said that I had IBS, but this covers a multitude of sins and I didn’t even take a test that confirmed I was suffering with acute dairy/soya allergies, which can be horrific, if close family are not made aware of the allergies.

I now find that lactose causes an allergic reaction, which caused me to faint, get very hot and not feeling at all well. An absolute must is to check food labels thoroughly as you never know where they maybe hidden.

Also be aware of rapeseed and palm oil, as these can also cause a reaction and are also not that good for you.

It may mean going back to basics, please find my blog on this as it will give some idea of what I have to go through on a daily basis.


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Back to Basics, Where do I start?

This is to all those who have recently joined me on Facebook, I’ll list my observations and help where I can and perhaps pool any further information from any other sources.

When I found out I was Lactose Intolerant and had a Dairy/Soya allergy I immediately had to fight to see a Dietician as I was losing so much weight.

1) All keep a food diary, it’s great for reference and to see what you have eaten during the day, plus any reactions that may hae occured.

2) If a reaction has occured, it’s always best to drink plenty of water to flush it out of the system and rest, let your body recover.

3) This is vitally important, when out shopping, please take your time and ALWAYS, always read the ingredients, this will help you have a better understanding of what goes in to the food and what you…

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I haven’t posted for a while

Good Afternoon all,

I haven’t posted for ages due to now being multi allergenic, my allergies includes dairy, soya which are now acute, plus now I’ve got to add into the mix
palm and rapeseed oils which if a reaction happens, it goes into my joints, which isn’t good for anyone

I have read a recent article which concluded that such reactions to palm and rapeseed oil can or may cause arthritis in the future, this is something I’m going to keep an eye on.

As it is, I’m laid low for a few days whatever the reaction, it is also very scary as I have to cook everything from fresh, just to make sure that I am able to eat it.

I still read ingredients labels, which is now a daily occurrence and a mater of course as food labels and products change all the time