The Perils of Palm Oil

You may be wondering why this innocent looking Morrison’s white rolled icing has made the headlines on biscuit bunny tonight.

Well I usually use it to ice cakes, to my utter horror and annoyance I read the ingredients and noticed that it contains palm oil, which as some of you may know I now have an allergic reaction to and am now trying to source other alternatives.

Although the palm oil is near the bottom of though ingredients list, I can’t afford to put this on any of the cakes that I make because of the immediate and severe reaction that I have.

Regarding the reaction, it goes into my joints and is quite painful, it also takes a little while for the oil to dissipate and I try to alleviate this by eating lots of fruit and drinking water as well.

99% of products sold in the supermarkets contain either Palm oil of Palm fat, or Rapeseed oil, which also has the same effect as the palm oil. The majority pf products checked are likely to contain one or the other, because they are cheaper to use.

Recent research has shown that palm oil in particular can cause arthritis and the way my joints feel after a reaction, I wouldn’t be surprised if, in later life, I were to get arthritis, as I know now it is a distinct possibility


Palm and Rapeseed Oil, Do you suffer?

Have you had an allergy and can’t determine what has caused it?
Do your knuckles swell or your joints hurt and ache?

This is primarily down to an allergic reaction to either palm or rapeseed oil. A recent article that I read in the Daily Express said exactly that, the reaction can go into the joints and may in later life cause arthritis, this is now something that I’m going to keep an eye on.

The joints in my left arm can be particularly painful, they can go up as far as my shoulder or stop at my elbow, there are the usual symptoms, rising temperature, feeling flushed, etc

I drink lots of water to get out of my system, however, dissipating the oil I’m my system, is a problem an this reaction can last between 24/48 hours, depending on the severity

WARNING! Lactose Found in Waitrose Soup Packets

This may shock you, it may not, the E number E100 curcumin may contain lactose and could cause dangerous reactions.

I never thought that E numbers could be added to or contain anything harmful to those with lactose intolerance or acute dairy allergies.

Curcumin, is part o the turmeric and ginger family and I thought it would as such be safe to use. Now I’m not so sure and when I read the ingredients labels I it has curcumin in it, I tend to leave it well alone.

Having seen this in the Waitrose packet soups, I checked others and they seemed to have milk which was in bold print. This packet soup wasn’t and alarm bells were ringing, rather loudly.

I always read the ingredient labels, just for peace of mind, as I have to be so careful..

I would be interested what the F.A.I.A, have to say about E100, and might suggest a safer alternative for those with intolerances and acute allergies

I would like to find out more and do research on curcumin  as it seems to turn up in the most unexpected food stuffs. This may be a small amount but a reaction is likely and may be life threatening

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Multiple Allergies

Do you suffer with bloating, or have been told you have IBS. My doctor said that I had IBS, but this covers a multitude of sins and I didn’t even take a test that confirmed I was suffering with acute dairy/soya allergies, which can be horrific, if close family are not made aware of the allergies.

I now find that lactose causes an allergic reaction, which caused me to faint, get very hot and not feeling at all well. An absolute must is to check food labels thoroughly as you never know where they maybe hidden.

Also be aware of rapeseed and palm oil, as these can also cause a reaction and are also not that good for you.

It may mean going back to basics, please find my blog on this as it will give some idea of what I have to go through on a daily basis.

With multiple allergies, there is a common denominator, which seems to be the protein, I say this as I can’t have mushrooms either and have to steer clear of anything that is mushroom based.

I cook from scratch on a daily basis, so that I know what goes into each dish, or as with my baking or ice cream, I use goats milk which some of you may turn your noses up at. But for me I have no reaction and it is something that my body is now use to and I’m actually beginning to gain weight again, after losing so much and enjoying making my own biscuits and breads.

Also be warned that companies do like to change there recipes and reactions may also be caused without knowing why.

I’d use Farmers Markets, more than the supermarkets, because the fruit and veg is fresh and seasonal. As for the goat’s milk products they are so ridiculously expensive, as is the Pure sunflower spread that I have to use.

Having multiple allergies and having a restrictive diet is annoying especially when you have to question what is in every dish. I very rarely have a pudding as most of them have dairy products in and I really wouldn’t like to be ill when I’m out.

Be Wary of Picolax if you have a lactose intolerance or allergy

I was shocked to read the packaging for Picolax after I had taken it for an operation earlier I the week, to read that it contained lactose. I didn’t have an immediate reaction so thought nothing more about it. However, in the early hours of Wednesday morning the reaction I had been so severe that I fainted and had such a heavy fall, that it shook me and made me feel unsteady. Lactose seems to be one of those grey areas, where those with the condition are sometimes shouted down, because people have no understanding of the condition or the side effects. It has taken me a few days to recover, but being off my food as well hasn’t helped. I am now very wary of anything that I eat and drink as a reaction as severe as it was hasn’t happened for a while. I’ve been drinking lots of fluids to try to get this out of my system and have a normal diet as I possibly can. Cooking from scratch is always best, as I know what ingredients have gone in and I also know that I can always go back and have more. The above product may not affect the vast majority of people out there, but just to warn those who may be affected, it can cause side effects and take a while to get out of your system

Please feel free to comment on the above, especially if you have a had a reaction.

I feel that it would be beneficial to those who may have symptoms of a lactose allergy and not be aware that they may have the condition..

I may be able to answer any questions that may be asked, if not I will try and find an answer and get back to you

How harmful are E numbers ?

Hi Everyone,

Have you ever wondered what harm to many E numbers can do to you. That is to say some can make you hyperactive without you realising what the cause was.

I know in particular that E270 can contain either lactose, sucrose or fructose, so depending which has been put in a particular product depends on the reaction if any.

The colours run from E100 to E180, the preservatives also have an extensive list they run from E200 to E1105.

I have also found another list of antioxidants, which is also quite a short list, this runs from E300 to E321, sweeteners is also listed and includes E420 and E959

There are also further lists which is quite horrifying to think so much of our food products contain thickening agents and others which includes anti foaming agents and flavour enhancers.

If you want to find out more please look on the Food Additives and Ingredients Association (FAIA) website, it’s most helpful and if you want to avoid any E270 being one for me, the information is relative and up to date

Have you counted how many E numbers are added to products? And wondered whether they may cause a reaction. Perhaps it doesn’t worry you that your child’s hyperactivity could be because of those E numbers.

I shouldn’t eat Yorkshire Puddings because ………

004I recently went out for dinner with my niece and her daughters and my mum. I was so hungry that I had a carvery with yorkshire puddings, something I never have, forgetting that they contain milk.  I was ravenous and cleared my plate.

I knew something was wrong when I wanted to drink a litre bottle of water, like there was no tomorrow, plus my stomach began to feel uncomfortable.

As you can see, my hand has swollen up as well, it’s quite horrifying, plus I couldn’t control my body temperature and although the reaction wasn’t as severe as I thought it might be. It really shocked me into thinking, why did I say yes to yorkshire puddings, knowing that I can’t have them and must try to make my own.

I have had to take it easy over the last couple of days so that all the lactose has gone from my system and thankfully my appetite is such that I can enjoy eating food.

When reactions do happen, I tend to drink lots and lots of water and fruit juice to flush out the system.  This works for me, but may not work for everyone.

Any fruit juice is great to replenish any vitamins and salts that are lost with any reaction, however sudden or unexpected.

Please be careful as lactose is in a whole manor of foods, which you would at least expect