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I shouldn’t eat Yorkshire Puddings because ………

004I recently went out for dinner with my niece and her daughters and my mum. I was so hungry that I had a carvery with yorkshire puddings, something I never have, forgetting that they contain milk.  I was ravenous and cleared my plate.

I knew something was wrong when I wanted to drink a litre bottle of water, like there was no tomorrow, plus my stomach began to feel uncomfortable.

As you can see, my hand has swollen up as well, it’s quite horrifying, plus I couldn’t control my body temperature and although the reaction wasn’t as severe as I thought it might be. It really shocked me into thinking, why did I say yes to yorkshire puddings, knowing that I can’t have them and must try to make my own.

I have had to take it easy over the last couple of days so that all the lactose has gone from my system and thankfully my appetite is such that I can enjoy eating food.

When reactions do happen, I tend to drink lots and lots of water and fruit juice to flush out the system.  This works for me, but may not work for everyone.

Any fruit juice is great to replenish any vitamins and salts that are lost with any reaction, however sudden or unexpected.

Please be careful as lactose is in a whole manor of foods, which you would at least expect