The Perils of Palm Oil

You may be wondering why this innocent looking Morrison’s white rolled icing has made the headlines on biscuit bunny tonight.

Well I usually use it to ice cakes, to my utter horror and annoyance I read the ingredients and noticed that it contains palm oil, which as some of you may know I now have an allergic reaction to and am now trying to source other alternatives.

Although the palm oil is near the bottom of though ingredients list, I can’t afford to put this on any of the cakes that I make because of the immediate and severe reaction that I have.

Regarding the reaction, it goes into my joints and is quite painful, it also takes a little while for the oil to dissipate and I try to alleviate this by eating lots of fruit and drinking water as well.

99% of products sold in the supermarkets contain either Palm oil of Palm fat, or Rapeseed oil, which also has the same effect as the palm oil. The majority pf products checked are likely to contain one or the other, because they are cheaper to use.

Recent research has shown that palm oil in particular can cause arthritis and the way my joints feel after a reaction, I wouldn’t be surprised if, in later life, I were to get arthritis, as I know now it is a distinct possibility