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Be Wary of Picolax if you have a lactose intolerance or allergy

I was shocked to read the packaging for Picolax after I had taken it for an operation earlier I the week, to read that it contained lactose. I didn’t have an immediate reaction so thought nothing more about it. However, in the early hours of Wednesday morning the reaction I had been so severe that I fainted and had such a heavy fall, that it shook me and made me feel unsteady. Lactose seems to be one of those grey areas, where those with the condition are sometimes shouted down, because people have no understanding of the condition or the side effects. It has taken me a few days to recover, but being off my food as well hasn’t helped. I am now very wary of anything that I eat and drink as a reaction as severe as it was hasn’t happened for a while. I’ve been drinking lots of fluids to try to get this out of my system and have a normal diet as I possibly can. Cooking from scratch is always best, as I know what ingredients have gone in and I also know that I can always go back and have more. The above product may not affect the vast majority of people out there, but just to warn those who may be affected, it can cause side effects and take a while to get out of your system

Please feel free to comment on the above, especially if you have a had a reaction.

I feel that it would be beneficial to those who may have symptoms of a lactose allergy and not be aware that they may have the condition..

I may be able to answer any questions that may be asked, if not I will try and find an answer and get back to you