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To bake or not to bake

Well tomorrow is Tuesday, and I’m wondering whether to bake or not.  There are several options open to me. I have numerous ideas for cakes now that I can use some Lactose Free from the lovefreefrom.com, down in Devon. Some of the chocolate that they have I can’t use because of my allergy and the chocolate may contain soya, which also causes a nasty reaction. However I’m getting side tracked, I may decide to make a chocolate and peppermint cake, plus lemon coconut ice, plus, although I can’t guarantee as yet, some chocolate and angelica cupcakes just for fun and knowing that I can and guaranteeing that all that I make is dairy free and to relax whilst baking.

There may also be marshmallows, vegetarian this time and a challenge at that, to make using coffee and vanilla as a trial batch and to see what the results are and to make a note of my findings.

I’m quite happy to try something new in my range of cakes and bakes and have the confidence to do so. Even with the pastry that I make, it seems to last longer than shop bought and taste delicious.

Would you believe it, 2 cakes were made yesterday, a pineapple and hazelnut and also the lactose free chocolate and peppermint cake, no pictures I’m afraid as the latter will be eaten in the next couple of days. Also there is an outside chance of me making the lemon coconut ice, which I’ve also mentioned as I have lacto free cream to use and what better way to use it than in coconut ice, or in a further cake.


Have you ever?

Well what can I say, earlier this afternoon I made some delicious and yet yummy lemon flavoured coconut ice, using Royal icing sugar, dairy free cream as an alternative to condensed milk , coconut, any sort will do. Plus a flavouring of a real lemon, juice and zest, only real fruit will do for me, as I find Jif lemon juice makes me have an allergic reaction. Which for me who enjoys making the above isn’t good at all.  Plus it isn’t as sweet as the shop bought variety, but you have the satisfaction of making it yourself knowing there isn’t anything that may cause any sort of reaction.

Just a quick update, I have recently made some lime coconut ice and also cherry, neither of which have I seen in the local shops, but are as delicious and tasty as the lemon coconut ice