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Ice Cream for a Summer’s Evening

Dear Reader,

I’m delighted to let you know I’ve made ice cream and much to the disgust of my niece I’ve used goat’s milk. She seems to think that it is classed as dairy and their fore doesn’t count as dairy free.  I can’t use soya as I have a reaction, almond milk is far to rich and guess what I’m sticking with what I know I can have.

The delicious flavour I’ve conjured up is honeycomb and blueberry. I hae no pictures as the ice cream is in the freezer and setting. I have a further flavour that I may try tomorrow which is watermelon and cinnamon or apricot, it may even have glace cherries.

The goat’s milk is lovely in taste and texture and although I don’t need to worry too much about my diet these days. It’s fun to experiment and conjure up new ideas and flavours.

I would’ve never even have thought about making my own ice cream if it hadn’t been for my lovely partner Mark Smith who is my chief taster on all occasions, any constructive ideas are taken on board and used in other recipes.

The only ice cream that I’ve seen that I can have is St Helen’s, but I can only source it from Waitrose and I’m not sure how expensive it is and whether there are any other flavours available or whether they would be the same mundane and boring flavours that is prevalent with other dairy free products available.

I think I might make some biscuits to go with the ice cream and see what I might come up with perhaps a plain ginger biscuit or a lime and cherry one.  Not sure will have to think on that one as well