A Bowl of deliciousness


This wonderfully warming soup/pasta is purely vegetarian, just for a change as it contains, potatoes, courgettes, an onion, plus pepper and pasta and a couple of Kallo vegetable stock cubes have been added to enhance the flavour. I can also add that no salt was added as the stock cube contained celery saltĀ  so adding any further would be silly.

Although the day was over cast and I was unsure what to have for dinner, this seemed the option to have, plus I can add further vegetables tomorrow as I made enough to last 2 orĀ  days.

Adding the stock cube, which ever flavour would suit, whether it be vegetable or tomato and herb, just adding them has given the dish a whole different and wonderful flavour.

Don’t be afraid to use vegetables you wouldn’t normally use, as this adds to the dish and discovery of what you have made



Soup anyone?

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