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Guess What I’ve Baked?


These deliciously baked are now out of the oven and cooling, the first on the left is a coffee and glace ginger cake and smells delicious, the other is a wildflower honey and hazelnut cake.  The second is a new cake combination and smells yummy and I can’t wait to try this.

The second cake has taken longer to bake as it there is quite a lot of honey in the mixture and to be honest I would rather make sure the cake is cooked through and edible rather than not baked and inedible.

I can’t wait to get your comments on these.  They actually stay fresh for about a week and can also be frozen for another day.

I’m loving these dairy-free cakes and the combinations are new and exciting


This is my cake, this is my story


This is my Dairy free Christmas cake, with a difference, as you can see it is a lot lighter than the usual Christmas cakes that you see around. The cake itself is a sponge mixture, but to give it a Christmas feel, the fruit mix contains cranberries and apricots, instead of your usual, raisins and sultana’s.

The cake itself is light and airy, and although it hasn’t been steeped with brandy or rum, it actually doesn’t need it as the cake itself will last long enough to see in the New Year and beyond.

As you can see the cake has been covered with marzipan and icing. In 2014 I may endeavour to make my own, as it seems easy to make. And perhaps another more interesting and exciting cake