Something easy to make


This deliciousness is so easy to make, that I surprised myself. It only uses a maximum of 2 ingredients, granulated sugar and in this case a packet of chopped walnuts,  If you put a quantity of granulated sugar in a saucepan on a low heat, it may take a while and you will have to make sure you keep an eye on it otherwise it will burn. The sugar will start to caramelise before your eyes, once all the sugar is caramel in colour and all the sugar dissolved, then comes the fun part, by adding fruits or nuts of your choice. Endless fun can be had, then putting on a plate and letting it cool before putting it in jars before the season’s festivities begin, if you don’t start munching them in the mean time.



We Made Chocolate Mousse

Hello Everyone,

Am rather excited to announce that we have made our very own, dairy free chocolate mousse. It was delicious, unfortunately there aren’t any pictures as they didn’t last long and I must get some more dairy free chocolate drops from love free from down in Devon. They have sunflower lectin instead of soya, so I’m ale to use the chocolate and the company are a Kent based firm called Plamil in Folkestone.

I’m thrilled that I’m now ale to indulge in a chocolatey treat and make use it in fudge and caramel later in the year, but just for now I think I’ll stick with making mousse, it’s an easy enough process and it sets so quickly and is delicious and yummy and I can’t wait to make some more

Blogging Break

Hello Everyone,

I’m having to take a blogging break for a little while, I have received a shock on Wednesday when I came back from the hospital.  The shock is still coming out and you’ll forgive me if I don’t go into details as I haven’t quite come to terms with it yet.

Suffice to stay I remain positive and will continue making cakes and bakes and when strength allows coconut ice.  Please don’t be alarmed as I know many of you will, I’m okay but will reveal more at a later date.

I feel blessed and humbled to have so many caring and loving friends and family.

There is the small matter of the Night to Remember Midnight Walk which I’m hoping to do and raise funds for Chestnut Tree House in Arundel and also to be a Superstar. I would be thrilled to be a Superstar this year.


I thought this was safe to eat, but look what happened



Have you ever tried the above soft Nougat, without looking at the ingredients and thinking it was safe to have because another one of their products was and you had no reaction at all.

I tried a single piece last evening and it resulted in the above reaction, it was rather quite nasty, but I now know that I must drink plenty of fluid so that the reaction will dissipate.  However, this morning I found to my horror that my hand where the reaction was most noticeable was now numb, this soon disappeared.

Why it is manufacturers now have labelling in place for those with allergies, but the ingredients lists are so small sometimes you forget to look, thinking they will be all right.

Food labelling is another topic entirely and I hope to write about it in the next couple of weeks and when time allows.

For Valentines


These delicious marshmallows were waiting for me when me and my partner went to Rye last weekend.  We went to the Craft Market and caught up with our friend Helen who makes Artisan Marshmallows and we’d definitely recommend Dulci Bella to everyone.

With having a lactose intolerance Helen very kindly made such a delicious and unique feeling and I was visibly touched and didn’t know.

Cherry Coconut Ice


This is cherry coconut ice, it has an unusual flavour and it isn’t as sweet as I thought it would be. Yet it is delicious and yet different from the usual pink and white and very sickly sweet that you find at the seaside.  This however, is so easy and yet inexpensive to make, if you were using condensed milk.

I however have to make it with lactofree cream, which makes it less sweet,  more delicious, and it looks incredible.

I have several new flavours for coconut ice that I do want to try during 2014 and report back with the results, some may work, some may not.

If I don’t try I won’t know and then wish I had been daring and bold enough.

Having this allergy makes baking with dairy free milk and cream so much more interesting and enjoyable