Lemon Coconut Ice


This is a quintessentially British food stuff and so easy to make.

Although normally it would be 2 colours of white and pink coconut ice.

There is a history of how coconut ice came to be, but as yet I haven’t been able to locate it and add to the blog.

The coconut ice itself consists of 3 vital ingredients, coconut, icing sugar and I use lacto free cream, as I can’t use the condensed milk in recipes, due to my dairy¬†allergy, it isn’t as sweet, but the intensity of flavour makes all the difference.

My coconut ice is different in the fact I use fresh lemon juice to give the coconut ice a certain punch and a wow factor plus on occasion I have also used lemon zest to add colour to the coconut ice. It isn’t as sweet as those bought in shops by the seaside, it is fresh, exciting and new.

I have also made a lime coconut ice which is lovely and also a favourite of mine, which I haven’t seen anywhere else.

I love the new flavours and hope to make an apricot coconut ice plus possibly a cherry or possibly a pear during 2014.

I can now reveal that I have made a cherry coconut ice, which is a revelation. I’m surprised that no one else has even considered making this variety of coconut ice. It’s quite subtle and not as sweet as I first imagined and really quite understated but delicious.


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