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Biscuits, Bakes and Cakes

Well over this weekend I’ll be making biscuits and cakes and possibly tray bakes as well, they will all be Dairy free and as yet flavours unknown. I may make some Butterscotch Bites which may contain cherries and berries so that they won’t taste so sweet, or add some pumpkin seeds for something different and add to the flavour.  There may be savoury items as well, a combination of butternut squash and mint or rosemary.

Baking is now a way of life and to be so creative and inventive is something that I’m striving for as I have to be so careful with what I eat.

I can only pass on what information I’ve gained as the allergy is so acute that making my own is the only option, plus I know what is going into every recipe and bake.