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Cake or biscuit anyone?

Hello everyone, when deciding whether to bake during a cold and miserable afternoon. You could be mistaken for thinking that winter is just round the corner as the days are getting shorter and the weather isn’t at it’s warmest, what better way to get rid of those winter blues, than go into the kitchen and bake something, whether it be a cake, biscuits for the forthcoming festive season, or marshmallows knowing that you made them and what an achievement.

There is something very satisfying knowing that the delicious smells coming from the kitchen are a creation that was baked by yourself and knowing that there isn’t another cake with the flavours that it has within it.

My latest cake creation will be apricot and hazelnut, and possibly some lemon and cherry scones.


What’s in the cake?

096 As you can see there are 2 cakes which have very recently come out of the oven and smell delicious.  They are very different in appearance and texture. However, are you able to name either of them, as the one nearest has a crumbly texture, almost shortbread like and the one in the background is very surprising and yet has come out better. They are both dairy free.

I can now reveal, that the cake in the background is strawberry, with a strawberry and cox apple cordial, with a hint of cinnamon and the cake in the foreground is papaya and pineapple.

Biscuits, Bakes and Cakes

Well over this weekend I’ll be making biscuits and cakes and possibly tray bakes as well, they will all be Dairy free and as yet flavours unknown. I may make some Butterscotch Bites which may contain cherries and berries so that they won’t taste so sweet, or add some pumpkin seeds for something different and add to the flavour.  There may be savoury items as well, a combination of butternut squash and mint or rosemary.

Baking is now a way of life and to be so creative and inventive is something that I’m striving for as I have to be so careful with what I eat.

I can only pass on what information I’ve gained as the allergy is so acute that making my own is the only option, plus I know what is going into every recipe and bake.