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Have you ever?

Well what can I say, earlier this afternoon I made some delicious and yet yummy lemon flavoured coconut ice, using Royal icing sugar, dairy free cream as an alternative to condensed milk , coconut, any sort will do. Plus a flavouring of a real lemon, juice and zest, only real fruit will do for me, as I find Jif lemon juice makes me have an allergic reaction. Which for me who enjoys making the above isn’t good at all.  Plus it isn’t as sweet as the shop bought variety, but you have the satisfaction of making it yourself knowing there isn’t anything that may cause any sort of reaction.

Just a quick update, I have recently made some lime coconut ice and also cherry, neither of which have I seen in the local shops, but are as delicious and tasty as the lemon coconut ice


A Cake for a Town

There is a competition a foot to find a cake to represent Eastbourne, with various categories including Novelty, sponge and gluten free amongst them.  I’m hoping to enter a dairy free cake, flavour as yet undecided and in what form,  whether it be a fruit based cake or a sponge with unusual flavour combinations.

I’d like it to be totally unique and be asked about it and possibly get some commissions from it, as it is something I enjoy and could quite happily spend hours in the kitchen experimenting with new flavour combinations and creating new and exciting cakes.

My flavours are unique and unusual as no one would normally put such unusual flavours together and the taste and smells from the kitchen are those of an experimental baker who isn’t afraid of standing out from a crowd.

A Flavour by any other name

Can the weekend be almost here and I haven’t baked at all this week.  As you can imagine being dairy free I have numerous ideas, some of which work and are absolutely delicious and yet others I have yet to try with unusual flavours which also shouldn’t work.  I have in mind a mulled wine and cranberry mixture, but unsure whether to make as a cake or buns or perhaps biscuits with a orange frosting, just a touch of christmas about it.  All dairy free and yet reassuring.

Here are some related items which you may want to browse through at your leisure:


Lots of exciting ideas for the coming season, enjoy

Any feedback and comments would be useful

Why I’m such a Foodie

This may surprise many of you who pass by, but since I’ve had Lactose Intolerance and also have a Dairy and Soya allergy, I have become more aware of seasonal produce from local farmer’s markets.  You know that the produce is local with very few food miles and it can be cooked fresh or left for a few days and won’t go off like those from local supermarket chains.  There is a great joy when local produce is bought or sampled because you can find a lot of unusual apples that aren’t commercially grown or different cheeses from within the county or a different county altogether.


The above articles may give a better understanding of what I have to live with on a day-to-day basis, it can be quite difficult but can also be overcome.

To bake your own products, whether it be cakes, bakes, biscuits or anything that may contain dairy and using alternatives makes me proud to stand up and say that I’m a foodie!!



Foods containing Lactose/Dairy

This is a real eye opener to the unitiated, especially when you don’t expect to find either lactose or dairy in food groups, such as cereals. My question would be why when you add milk to cereals and porridge anyway.

When looking through ingredients listings you may be aware that the additive E270 contains either lactose, sucrose or one other which escapes me, so you may or may not get a reaction.

Who would’ve thought that stock cubes contains milk as well, this is unbelievable and quite scary as none of the companies have said why they must contain that ingredient.

Watch out when supermarket chains change recipes or suppliers as they would then contain milk/dairy, and you spend hours looking at ingredients which may have dairy/lactose which you are not aware of.