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WARNING! Lactose Found in Waitrose Soup Packets

This may shock you, it may not, the E number E100 curcumin may contain lactose and could cause dangerous reactions.

I never thought that E numbers could be added to or contain anything harmful to those with lactose intolerance or acute dairy allergies.

Curcumin, is part o the turmeric and ginger family and I thought it would as such be safe to use. Now I’m not so sure and when I read the ingredients labels I it has curcumin in it, I tend to leave it well alone.

Having seen this in the Waitrose packet soups, I checked others and they seemed to have milk which was in bold print. This packet soup wasn’t and alarm bells were ringing, rather loudly.

I always read the ingredient labels, just for peace of mind, as I have to be so careful..

I would be interested what the F.A.I.A, have to say about E100, and might suggest a safer alternative for those with intolerances and acute allergies

I would like to find out more and do research on curcumin  as it seems to turn up in the most unexpected food stuffs. This may be a small amount but a reaction is likely and may be life threatening

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