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Back to Basics, Where do I start?

This is to all those who have recently joined me on Facebook, I’ll list my observations and help where I can and perhaps pool any further information from any other sources.

When I found out I was Lactose Intolerant and had a Dairy/Soya allergy I immediately had to fight to see a Dietician as I was losing so much weight.

1) All keep a food diary, it’s great for reference and to see what you have eaten during the day, plus any reactions that may hae occured.

2) If a reaction has occured, it’s always best to drink plenty of water to flush it out of the system and rest, let your body recover.

3) This is vitally important, when out shopping, please take your time and ALWAYS, always read the ingredients, this will help you have a better understanding of what goes in to the food and what you can and can’t have.

4) Make your own: This is something I’ve grown fond of, making my own and knowing there aren’t any nasties in the dish and knowing that I won’t have any reactions.

5) Fruit, veg and meat in diet, this is a must, and it will help aid digestion.

6) Look for Free from products, these may be more expensive  but you should be safe with these and they cover, dairy, wheat allergies, some of the big supermarket chains have this range, once again please read the ingredients.

You may not have to miss out on cream. cheese or milk. I have Lacto free milk and cream, I can’t have their butter or ice cream. However, that has now been remedied by having Pure Sunflower Spread, as I can’t have Soya. Sheep’s or Goat’s milk as an alternative, but I have Goat’s milk yoghurt which is actually really quite tasty and if you add honey its delicious.

Feta is an alternative to Cow’s milk based cheeses and can actually be cheaper than then cow’s cheeses.

The fantastic phase that I’m going through now is that I’m baking a lot more and have my love of baking and cooking, as you can see by previous posts.

Meal times need not be a nightmare, I see it as what can I make myself and conjure up something unique.