It’s only an Ingredient

There is not enough publicity regarding Dairy Free Products as large Supermarket chains hide the dairy and substitutes in other guises, including hiding it behind E270 which is a food additive and therefore sometimes there is a slight reaction and others there isn’t.  There is also a major concern for me as having this allergy has made me research this and it has become quite an eye-opener, spending hours reading the ingredients packets to make sure there isn’t any dairy and whether it is safe for me.  Having to use dairy free alternatives not only has made the food bills more expensive, but the products themselves aren’t exactly cheap and the prices never seem to come down but are always dearer and in the specialist section


4 thoughts on “It’s only an Ingredient

  1. Yup, I hear you. It’s amazing how many places they can hide gluten. And manufacturers change their ingredients list without notice, so something that was safe last week may not be this week. I reckon our food bill is about a third more expensive than it should be because of needing to buy gluten free…


    • Hi Kate,
      I totally agree with you there, the food bills are so much more expensive, but the prices never seem to come down, just increase in price all the time.


  2. Hey Amanda, a lot of your breads and sweets you are posting about are delectable. But you don’t post the recipe. I would love to make some of your breads. 😉



    • Hi Randy, thank you for your comments. I’ll try and list the ingredients for my breads. I don’t usually weigh anything so I wouldn’t know the quantities, but the cakes are delicious and tasty.

      Kind Regards



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