Palm or Rapeseed Allergy?

Because 90% of foodstuffs contain either palm or rapeseed oil in them, I have to be so careful as to what I eat.

Palm and rapeseed oil, is the trendy thing to cook with, but I can tell when I have had it, as the reaction is quite horrible, it actually goes into my joints, a recent article that I read, suggests because of the reaction, I might get arthritis when I’m older and it would account for such painful joints.

I seem to becoming more susceptible to lots of different things now, that is why I have to make so much.

At home I use olive or sunflower oil, as I know I can use them safely without any reaction at all.

This said, the manufacturers change there ingredients all the time, so I have to be vigilant and read the ingredients labels all the time, please don’t be complacent, having any sort of allergy is annoying to say the least, but multiple makes life interesting