Multiple Allergies

Do you suffer with bloating, or have been told you have IBS. My doctor said that I had IBS, but this covers a multitude of sins and I didn’t even take a test that confirmed I was suffering with acute dairy/soya allergies, which can be horrific, if close family are not made aware of the allergies.

I now find that lactose causes an allergic reaction, which caused me to faint, get very hot and not feeling at all well. An absolute must is to check food labels thoroughly as you never know where they maybe hidden.

Also be aware of rapeseed and palm oil, as these can also cause a reaction and are also not that good for you.

It may mean going back to basics, please find my blog on this as it will give some idea of what I have to go through on a daily basis.

With multiple allergies, there is a common denominator, which seems to be the protein, I say this as I can’t have mushrooms either and have to steer clear of anything that is mushroom based.

I cook from scratch on a daily basis, so that I know what goes into each dish, or as with my baking or ice cream, I use goats milk which some of you may turn your noses up at. But for me I have no reaction and it is something that my body is now use to and I’m actually beginning to gain weight again, after losing so much and enjoying making my own biscuits and breads.

Also be warned that companies do like to change there recipes and reactions may also be caused without knowing why.

I’d use Farmers Markets, more than the supermarkets, because the fruit and veg is fresh and seasonal. As for the goat’s milk products they are so ridiculously expensive, as is the Pure sunflower spread that I have to use.

Having multiple allergies and having a restrictive diet is annoying especially when you have to question what is in every dish. I very rarely have a pudding as most of them have dairy products in and I really wouldn’t like to be ill when I’m out.


Something easy to make


This deliciousness is so easy to make, that I surprised myself. It only uses a maximum of 2 ingredients, granulated sugar and in this case a packet of chopped walnuts,  If you put a quantity of granulated sugar in a saucepan on a low heat, it may take a while and you will have to make sure you keep an eye on it otherwise it will burn. The sugar will start to caramelise before your eyes, once all the sugar is caramel in colour and all the sugar dissolved, then comes the fun part, by adding fruits or nuts of your choice. Endless fun can be had, then putting on a plate and letting it cool before putting it in jars before the season’s festivities begin, if you don’t start munching them in the mean time.


Ice Cream for a Summer’s Evening

Dear Reader,

I’m delighted to let you know I’ve made ice cream and much to the disgust of my niece I’ve used goat’s milk. She seems to think that it is classed as dairy and their fore doesn’t count as dairy free.  I can’t use soya as I have a reaction, almond milk is far to rich and guess what I’m sticking with what I know I can have.

The delicious flavour I’ve conjured up is honeycomb and blueberry. I hae no pictures as the ice cream is in the freezer and setting. I have a further flavour that I may try tomorrow which is watermelon and cinnamon or apricot, it may even have glace cherries.

The goat’s milk is lovely in taste and texture and although I don’t need to worry too much about my diet these days. It’s fun to experiment and conjure up new ideas and flavours.

I would’ve never even have thought about making my own ice cream if it hadn’t been for my lovely partner Mark Smith who is my chief taster on all occasions, any constructive ideas are taken on board and used in other recipes.

The only ice cream that I’ve seen that I can have is St Helen’s, but I can only source it from Waitrose and I’m not sure how expensive it is and whether there are any other flavours available or whether they would be the same mundane and boring flavours that is prevalent with other dairy free products available.

I think I might make some biscuits to go with the ice cream and see what I might come up with perhaps a plain ginger biscuit or a lime and cherry one.  Not sure will have to think on that one as well


I’ve made bread!!


This are freshly baked breads from the oven, the 2 at the back are white and malt and smell delicious and the one in the foreground is apricot and chocolate, I couldn’t resist. Making bread is something I’m keen to make more of, it is just as exciting and twice as rewarding.

Why have shop bought, mouldy bread when making your own. You can achieve so much more and introduce so much variety and passion in to a loaf as you can with anything that you’ve made yourself.

I can’t begin to tell you what idea’s are beginning to buzz through my head whether they be savoury or sweet loaves I haven’t yet decided. I may even make a couple of tear n’ share as they will be fun to make and they will have a uniqueness about them and guess what there all dairy free and there will also be a whole lot of tasting to savour the flavour.

Once the bread dough has had its initial prove and has been knocked back, you can then start adding interesting flavours to an otherwise basic bread dough.

I’m hoping to make more bread at the end of the week, it may be another fruit based loaf, although I’m very tempted to make a savoury, a tomato and pepper with some herbs. That’s just an idea but there is nothing as satisfying or rewarding knowing that you’ve made your own without adding any additives or preservatives and letting the loaf and flavours speak for itself

We Made Chocolate Mousse

Hello Everyone,

Am rather excited to announce that we have made our very own, dairy free chocolate mousse. It was delicious, unfortunately there aren’t any pictures as they didn’t last long and I must get some more dairy free chocolate drops from love free from down in Devon. They have sunflower lectin instead of soya, so I’m ale to use the chocolate and the company are a Kent based firm called Plamil in Folkestone.

I’m thrilled that I’m now ale to indulge in a chocolatey treat and make use it in fudge and caramel later in the year, but just for now I think I’ll stick with making mousse, it’s an easy enough process and it sets so quickly and is delicious and yummy and I can’t wait to make some more

Blogging Break

Hello Everyone,

I’m having to take a blogging break for a little while, I have received a shock on Wednesday when I came back from the hospital.  The shock is still coming out and you’ll forgive me if I don’t go into details as I haven’t quite come to terms with it yet.

Suffice to stay I remain positive and will continue making cakes and bakes and when strength allows coconut ice.  Please don’t be alarmed as I know many of you will, I’m okay but will reveal more at a later date.

I feel blessed and humbled to have so many caring and loving friends and family.

There is the small matter of the Night to Remember Midnight Walk which I’m hoping to do and raise funds for Chestnut Tree House in Arundel and also to be a Superstar. I would be thrilled to be a Superstar this year.


A new flavour combination for a new day


This is exciting new cake is freshly baked and cooling, it consists of apricot and papaya, as it is a combination that I haven’t yet tried and I needed to bake something today.  It has risen better than I expected and expect to taste as good as it looks.

Once it has cooled down sufficiently and tasted I’ll come back and reveal whether it passed with flying colours or failed dismally.