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How harmful are E numbers ?

Hi Everyone,

Have you ever wondered what harm to many E numbers can do to you. That is to say some can make you hyperactive without you realising what the cause was.

I know in particular that E270 can contain either lactose, sucrose or fructose, so depending which has been put in a particular product depends on the reaction if any.

The colours run from E100 to E180, the preservatives also have an extensive list they run from E200 to E1105.

I have also found another list of antioxidants, which is also quite a short list, this runs from E300 to E321, sweeteners is also listed and includes E420 and E959

There are also further lists which is quite horrifying to think so much of our food products contain thickening agents and others which includes anti foaming agents and flavour enhancers.

If you want to find out more please look on the Food Additives and Ingredients Association (FAIA) website, it’s most helpful and if you want to avoid any E270 being one for me, the information is relative and up to date

Have you counted how many E numbers are added to products? And wondered whether they may cause a reaction. Perhaps it doesn’t worry you that your child’s hyperactivity could be because of those E numbers.


Will you take the Challenge?

Hello Dear Reader,

Have you ever looked at a product and thought it was safe to eat or drink. Have you ever gone to the shops and decided to try something new and different without checking the ingredients and thinking it was safe to eat.

I find myself being lax sometimes when I want to add something different to my diet and thinking it was safe to eat and it wasn’t.

My challenge to everyone is there are a number of products listed below and the challenge is find an alternative that hasn’t got dairy or soya in. As I’d be very interested in the results

1) Ice cream cones or wafers

2) Ice cream

3) Biscuits

4) Any puddings

5) Any savoury pies or tartlets

I’ll leave it at 5 for now as it will be interesting what you will be able to find for me reader.