A Roulette Salad

You may be wondering what the game of Roulette has to do with the above.
Well, I was reading an article in the People’s Friend magazine and it mentioned that red and black fruits are good for you, it got me thinking, why don’t I put some fruits together and make a salad out of it

Below is a list of red fruit:
Red Cherries

Below is a list of black fruits:
Black grapes

The fruits can be changed to suit your palate.
To contrast the colours and flavours inspired me, perhaps even make it seasonal as the different fruits become available and you are able to mix it up.

Nothing more needs to added to the salad, as the flavours and textures speak for themselves, the choice and variety is endless.

Plus your vitamin c intake will increase and will help toward your wellbeing.

The colour changes in the fruit reflects the changing season as well.

This is by no means a sombre looking salad, as the fruits make it taste fresh

There will be a picture to follow.

Although this isn’t how I want to present it, it is a work in progress, just to give you an idea of how it might look