A Summer Salad with a twist

The above is my take on a Greek Feta Salad, the ingredients are listed below:

Feta cheese
Sweet potato and Butternut squash mix, which has already been cubed and cooked
Tomatoes, preferably cherry, using both red and yellow varieties, washed and cut into quarters
Raspberries, washed and added
Donut peaches, washed and cut up into small pieces
Twist of Black pepper

Let me see, where do I start?

Well the Feta is cut up into small pieces and placed into a bowl, then the sweet potato and butternut squash is added, this can be leftovers from the previous day,
The tomatoes are added next, to add to the vibrancy and colour of the dish.

Then the fruit, just to sweeten the dish up, any fruit can be used, including strawberries, blackberries, apples. The choice is endless through the year

And if you thought the dish couldn’t get any more delicious, a twist of black pepper to give it a bit of a punch and to take away some of the sweetness

The picture shows that I have layered this, although it can be mixed together so that all the flavours say ‘hello’ to each other.

It looks as though, these flavours shouldn’t work, but having trialled it, surprisingly it does and there may be more to come.