Mulled Wine and Cranberry Cake


Wow!  this smelt so delicious when it came out of the oven.  The cranberries were soaked in the mulled wine and left overnight so that the flavour could infuse.  It has a christmassy look to it and although I could’ve added nutmeg or cinnamon, it’s a cake that I would quite happily eat instead of the traditional christmas cake.  For any information on this dairy free cake, please get in touch as I’d like to know your comments and thoughts


4 thoughts on “Mulled Wine and Cranberry Cake

  1. a great idea! I was going to add some things to go with mulled wine recipes to my blog but yours look so delicious i’ll also link to you! WAssail! to mulled wine and you and your readers are invited to check out my blog(I’m a modern day mad village muller on a mug filling mission with my new artisanal bars-and it’s mulling season right now!). Keep on mulling bunny biscuit! You’re a cozy kitchen bunny for sure!


  2. Thank you for linking me. I’ve tried mulled wine in coconut ice, but wouldn’t recommend it. However mulled wine biscuits with nutmeg are delicious as well. Please invite your readers to like my page or browse


  3. Great food creation. Thanks for following my blog and liking my post Orange Almond Cake. I have more to post that I think you will like.

    There are plenty dairy free, gluten free recipes that are delectable and delicious. Your blog is really great.

    I look forward to more from Biscuit Bunny Blog!!



    • Hi Randy,
      I’m pleased with such positive feedback, I enjoy baking such a great deal and have learnt and am learning such a great deal with the allergies and intolerance that I have. I would like to inspire others who have allergies and who aren’t afraid to put different combinations together.

      Kind Regards



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