Vegetable and Pasta Soup


This winter soup was freshly made this evening.  It consists of 3 charlotte potatoes washed and cut into small pieces, 1 leek, also washed and cut up in to small pieces, 1 pepper that can be diced, all put into a pot of boiling water, and when the potatoes are soft add the peas, sweetcorn (frozen or fresh), to the soup, plus pasta, any will do and finally a couple of stock cubes.  I use Kallo as they are lactose free and in this case they were vegetable to enhance the flavour of the soup.

The liquid had disappeared as the pasta had taken on the flavour of the stock cube.

It is delicious and fulfilling and on these winter evenings can be enjoyed with some fresh crusty homemade bread or by itself without adding any additional salt or pepper as that would detract from the flavour.

Or for pure indulgence grate some cheese, any sort over the soup to make it truly memorable.