Apple Cake with a twist


This new cake of mine has the wow factor, it comprises  of apples, with a 2-1 ratio. In this case it is 2 Jonagold to 1 Cox, which are peeled and then grated and also squeezed so the juice comes out and is put into a bowl so it can be used in another cake or biscuit.
Here come’s the twist.  I added a peeled pear which also had the juice squeezed out of it and added some mixed spice for added flavour.

What a contrast in flavour and texture to my other cakes and what fun I’ll have throughout 2014 mixing and matching apples, perhaps with mangoes or cherries to enhance the flavour and perhaps add cinnamon to other cake mixes.

This is more of a dessert cake, as the contrast between the 2 different varieties of apples, makes it unusual but well worth trying, and served with cream or ice cream, depending on your preference


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