Soup anyone?

Soup is a fantastic way to use up the vegetables that are left from the Christmas and New Year festivities. It can be made from scratch today, with potatoes and any frozen vegetables, cauliflower, green beans, sweetcorn and I added pasta to mine to bulk it out.

I’ll admit I did you a lactose free and gluten free stock cube of tomato and herbs to add another dimension and it tastes wonderful.

It may be a basic food necessity, but it is so easy to make and to add to, you can let your imagination and creative ideas run riot, as well as this it can form the base of a stew or casserole, the possibilities are endless, even mind blowing.

With the winter weather and flooding outside, what better way to curl up than with a bowl of hot soup and some crusty bread, followed by cake or fruit salad depending on what you would prefer.