Honey and Almond Cake, new for 2014


This is my first cake for 2014, it is a honey and almond cake, it doesn’t matter whether you use heather honey or any other honey in this cake, as it will take a little longer to bake.  I’ve also used flaked almonds, but I’m sure ground almonds will do just as well.  I’m sure it will taste as good as it looks and perhaps being a little indulgent after the christmas and new year I may just have some cream.

The basic cake mixture only took a few minutes to bring together before adding the honey and almonds, the smells from the kitchen were delicious and inspiring me to bake more regularly.

Instead of butter, I use Pure Sunflower Spread as I can’t have Soya either, which takes baking to another level.  The cake will stay moist for a week or two and can normally be frozen.

My partner was very gracious and bought some of the honey and flaked almond cake home for me to try, its delicious and rich in flavour and texture. The honey itself wasn’t harsh at all and although I used Rowse honey, any honey will do and I’m going to bake another honey cake, using a different honey to see if there is a different taste and compare them.

What  I would really like to do is a blind taste test, using the above cake but with numerous other honey’s being used and get a feedback of what everyone enjoyed most perhaps make buns and biscuits as well.


4 thoughts on “Honey and Almond Cake, new for 2014

  1. Yum! This looks a lot like a Honey Cake I made for the New Year. I noticed you mentioned Sunflower Spread? I have never seen that in grocery stores; do you have a favorite brand? I often use sunflower oil in my baking (whether gluten free or not) because I find it adds a wonderful flavor and I can get sunflower oil where I live. Hope you enjoy your cake!


    • Good Afternoon, the brand I use is called Pure, using sunflower oil is always a good option. I haven’t cooked with it and the spread makes the cakes and pastry so much lighter and easier to handle. I will enjoy the cake, thank you for your feedback, it’s greatly appreciated.


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