Why I’m such a Foodie

This may surprise many of you who pass by, but since I’ve had Lactose Intolerance and also have a Dairy and Soya allergy, I have become more aware of seasonal produce from local farmer’s markets.  You know that the produce is local with very few food miles and it can be cooked fresh or left for a few days and won’t go off like those from local supermarket chains.  There is a great joy when local produce is bought or sampled because you can find a lot of unusual apples that aren’t commercially grown or different cheeses from within the county or a different county altogether.


The above articles may give a better understanding of what I have to live with on a day-to-day basis, it can be quite difficult but can also be overcome.

To bake your own products, whether it be cakes, bakes, biscuits or anything that may contain dairy and using alternatives makes me proud to stand up and say that I’m a foodie!!




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